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Review Genius provides reviews and information on products and services from third-party vendors. We do not sell any products or services ourselves. By using our website, you acknowledge that we do not endorse any particular product or service. You should always do your own research and make your own informed decision before purchasing any product or service.

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Our website provides information on products that have been analyzed and rated by our team of specialists, called Ratings. Users can learn about the features, functionality, prices, and ratings of these products. If interested in purchasing a product, users can be redirected to the seller’s website. However, Review Genius does not sell or distribute any product directly. We only analyze products from third-party companies with whom we have entered into agreements to carry out such analyses and from whom we receive a fee for promoting their products, referred to as Partners.

Our company is not responsible for the accuracy of the opinions and ratings displayed on the website, as they are based on information provided by our Partners regarding price, functionality, and technical characteristics of the products.

Users are required to use the website’s contents and services diligently, legally, correctly, and ethically. They must abstain from using the contents in ways that are contrary to the law, morality, and generally accepted customs or public order. Users are also prohibited from transmitting or disseminating obscene, offensive, vulgar material, or any material that encourages criminal, defamatory, or violent behavior. They cannot reproduce, copy, or distribute website content without proper authorization, or violate intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to Review Genius. Users must not use our services in any way that may damage or overload the website or carry out fraudulent transactions. They also cannot use the contents and services for advertising purposes.

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Review Genius is an affiliate website, which means that we receive compensation for purchases made through our affiliate links. These links are provided to you for convenience only, and we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on the third-party website. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any purchases made through these affiliate links, and you agree to hold us harmless for any damages or losses incurred.

The Website includes links to other websites owned by third-party companies that sell the Products reviewed by Review Genius (hereinafter referred to as “Linked Sites”). In such cases, Review Genius acts as a service provider on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, the “LSSI”) and is only liable for the contents and services provided on Linked Sites if it has actual knowledge of their illegality or that they may harm the goods or rights of third parties and has not taken due action to remove the link.

If Users believe that a Linked Site contains illegal or inappropriate content, they may notify Review Genius at the contact address provided in the first section of this Legal Notice. They must include the name of the company, address, phone number, email address, a description of the facts that indicate the illegality or inadequacy of the Linked Site, and a statement that the information provided is accurate. However, such communication does not obligate Review Genius to remove the link, nor does it imply that Review Genius has actual knowledge of the activities and/or contents referred to in the communication, as provided in the LSSI.

Review Genius is not familiar with the contents and services of Linked Sites since they are developed and managed by third-party companies. Therefore, it is not responsible for any damage caused by the illegality, poor quality, obsolescence, unavailability, errors, or uselessness of the contents and/or services provided on Linked Sites, except as provided in Article 17 of the LSSI. Users visit and/or use the Linked Sites at their own risk and should take appropriate measures to protect against viruses or other harmful elements.

No one other than Review Genius is allowed to link to the Website from their own web pages unless they have obtained explicit permission from Review Genius.

If a third party has received permission to use the Website, they must adhere to the specific limitations and purposes outlined in the authorization. Review Genius reserves the right to request that any link to the Website be removed at any time, without providing a reason for the request. Once this request is made, the person responsible for the linking website must promptly remove the link.

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Disclaimer of Warranties

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Limitation of Liability

Review Genius will not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of your use or inability to use our website, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Review Genius has the right to stop access to the Website and any of its contents at any time without prior notice, whether for technical, security, control, maintenance, or other justified reasons. As a result, Review Genius cannot guarantee the reliability, availability, or continuity of the Website or its contents, and users use it at their own risk without being able to hold Review Genius responsible for any interruptions or unavailability.

Review Genius is not responsible for any damages that may arise from inaccurate or unreliable information, opinions, analysis, or ratings on the Website, nor for any contents provided by third parties. Review Genius does not guarantee compliance with applicable laws or regulations regarding intellectual property rights or any other applicable law. Additionally, Review Genius is not responsible for minors’ use of the information provided on the Website.

Review Genius will attempt to update and correct any inaccurate information on the Website, but will not be held responsible for failing to do so or for any content or information posted on the Website.

Review Genius is not responsible for any interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions, or other inconveniences beyond its control, such as fraudulent or intentional user actions, third-party failures, government actions, natural disasters, power outages, or attacks by hackers or other third parties. Regardless of the cause, Review Genius will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, consequential damages, or lost profits.

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Changes to Terms and Conditions

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Governing Law

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